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Perry Instructional Information
Posted on 09/02/2014
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The Iowa Department of Education has produced the "Iowa Core Parent Guides" in English and Spanish. There is one guide for each grade level Kindergarten through grade 8 and a guide for high school. Each guide is 4 pages and provides very useful information about the concepts and skills in Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and 21st Century Skills taught at that grade level.

There are five Characteristics of Effective Instruction that are part of the Iowa Core. These characteristics include student-centered classrooms, teaching for understanding, assessment for learning, rigor and relevance, and teaching for learner differences. Perry teachers work hard every day to ensure that these characteristics are present in every lesson.

Here is a Parent's Guide to Healthy Sleep that might be helpful. Every child needs good sleep for healthy development, growth, and learning. As parents, it’s your job to help children establish good sleep habits for a lifetime. Children learn how to sleep from their parents, so the habits you establish today can help them maintain healthy sleep not just in childhood, but for the rest of their lives.