Mentoring & Induction

The Perry Community School District Mentoring Program serves new teachers in the following ways:

  1. Mentees will be given the opportunity to observe experienced/model teachers.
  2. Mentees will be given two years of support from an assigned mentor.
    • Mentors and mentees will meet formally weekly (or more), informally as needed, and quarterly as whole group of new teachers to the district.
    • Mentors and mentees will complete documents to log meetings, topics discussed and completion of artifacts for mentee’s portfolio.
    • Mentors and mentees will complete monthly checklists that will allow discussions about all aspects of teaching and learning.
  3. Ongoing observations where mentors observe the mentee classroom will take place once a month.  Feedback will be given.  More observations and reflective conversations are encouraged.
  4. Ongoing professional development and networking opportunities will be provided by the PCSD teacher leadership team.
    A copy of the district mentoring plan can be found here.

    Perry currently offers four classes, one for mentors, one for teachers in their first year, one for teachers in their second year and a class for teachers new to Perry with teaching experience. Class syllabi and handbooks are below.

    How to be an Effective Mentor 2017-18

    Supporting the First Year Teacher 2017-18

    Handbook for First Year Teachers 2017-18

    Supporting the Second Year Teacher 2017-18

    Handbook for Second Year Teachers 2017-18

    New to Perry with Teaching Experience Handbook 2017-18